EnergiVault is a thermal energy storage technology that has a crucial role to play in the new energy landscape. Bob and his team have developed EnergiVault® patented technology to exploit the commerciality of these highly disruptive technologies which utilise physics, engineering, and Artificial Intelligence technology to create the ultimate economic energy management solutions.

EnergiVault CTES technology adds a range of capabilities to industrial chiller operation including electrical load shedding and load shifting, use of on-site generated renewables and the capability to benefit from grid-level support payments. Our technology adds a whole new range of capabilities to industrial refrigeration by enabling flexible charging and discharging of cold thermal energy.

EnergiVault® has been developed and patented with a unique thermal phase change battery technology to provide Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) solutions. Initially focusing on decarbonising chilled supply chain (food manufacturing, distribution, food retail), the technology can be applied across industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning, and refrigerated transport systems.

Increasing industrial and commercial cooling loads both within the UK and internationally mean that the demand for refrigeration and HVAC output continues to grow, year on year. At the same time the cost of primary energy to produce industrial cooling is becoming highly volatile due to substantial increases in the proportion of renewable energy being fed into the Grid. Smoothing of electrical supply and demand, previously met by system inertia, now requires energy storage either in the form of electrical energy or thermal energy.

How EnergiVault® Works

A typical EnergiVault® Implementation consists of the EnergiVault® charger and the thermal battery sits alongside a conventional chiller circuit able to provide some or all the cooling duty.

EnergiVault increases the quantity of energy stored during the charging process by converting up to 60% of the working fluid contained within the EnergiVault into spherical ice particles with dimensions less than 0.1mm diameter, often referred to as Phase Change Material (PCM).

Their high energy density results in a thermal battery of huge capacity.

Withdrawals from the EnergiVault are made by diverting controlled amounts of the system’s working fluid through the EnergiVault, where cooling takes place.

EnergiVault® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimisation


EnergiVault® AI Cloud Based Optimisation Engine ensures peak savings in electricity & carbon.

Integration of EnergiVault® with On-site Renewables

Unlocking the value of surplus Solar PV (or any other low carbon generation) at your facility is easy.

Unlike an electric battery, EnergiVault does not lose 20-30% of the electricity captured through losses – it’s usually much less than 5% – so works very efficiently with on-site renewables. Also, as storage capacity doesn’t degrade over time it will be as efficient in 10 years as it is on installation.

We simply add non-intrusive electrical meters to your grid connection and generation feed (or even better – talk to existing meters), and control the EnergiVault to make grid export and grid import as close to zero as we can. Our AI forecasting system will decide upon the best charging and discharging strategy.

EnergiVault will happily co-exist with an electric battery where there is enough surplus energy to share, allowing you to meet cooling and other loads from low-cost, green electricity.

Get an understanding of EnergiVault’s concept

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    EnergiVault® is the future of smart cooling

    • Fully Integrateable
    • Can stand alone, providing ultimate flexibility in new systems
    • Increase system Capacity
    • Controlled by Artificial Intelligence
    • Gives the best operating economics

    Operational Energy Savings


    The EV system added to an existing cooling system enables off-peak energy to accumulate in a thermal battery to provide high intensity cooling for short durations. This load shifting creates value from tariff rates and reduced transmission and distribution charges.

    Demand Response


    World-wide, operators of national and internationally connected electrical grids all have the same problem – matching supply with demand. EnergiVault’s Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) technology contributes to grid flexibility through Demand Side Reduction, Fast Frequency Response and Demand Turn-up strategies for industrial refrigeration plant.

    Capital Cost Saving


    Where a chiller has to be sized for a base load plus daily peak cooling duty, EnergiVault combined with a smaller base load chiller can be first cost competitive compared with a chiller sized for peak, thus delivering immediate operation cost savings.

    Integration with Local renewables or onsite generation sources

    Where businesses have renewable or other onsite power such as PV or CHP, surplus energy can be utilised for thermal storage production, maximising value from such local inputs by ensuring all energy generated locally is consumed on site.

    Decarbonising Cooling & Heating for Industrial, Commercial & Multi-Residential.


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