Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd (O-Hx), has launched its Series A EIS Qualifiying Funding Round for £1,000,000 and is now 27% through the required seeding raise.

Organic Heat Exchangers is the inventor of EnergiVault; a revolutionary Industrial Scale, Hybrid Cooling and Energy Storage System, that can reduce cooling costs and carbon emissions by more than 50%.

EnergiVault can bolt on to any existing chiller system, and provide a payback in between 1- 3 years, or can be used as standalone device with applications througout industry; from food and drink, to pharma, plastics, datacentres, to HVAC etc.

Globally, cooling is responsible for circa 25% of electricity consumption and 12.5% of global emissions: 

The first EnergiVault is now being installed in Quotient Scientific Ltd, a US Pharmaceutical, with four additional sites in the UK. O-Hx are selling EnergiVaults in the UK in 2023 and onwards, with global rollout through partners from 2024.

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The IM details the quarterly milestones O-Hx aims to achieve, and the corresponding effect on its value and share price.

Effectively, we break down the complex task of creating a £200M+ company into 12 demanding yet managable steps.

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Director of Investor Relations
Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd

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