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Enhanced Capacity Powerhouse

O-Hx is pleased to introduce the EnergiVault Mk2, our latest innovation in thermal energy storage. This cutting-edge battery not only boasts enhanced capacity but also offers unmatched discharge rates, making it a powerhouse for supporting substantial cooling loads. With each battery cell capable of storing an incredible "One Million Watts" of thermal energy, the EnergiVault Mk2 is designed to effortlessly manage cooling peaks up to 500kW. Tailorable to any capacity requirement, it provides dynamic response capabilities under the most demanding conditions. O-Hx's pioneering approach to thermal energy management heralds a bright future for energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives.

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Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

A EnergiVault is at the forefront of revolutionising industrial cooling, offering a groundbreaking solution specifically designed to minimise carbon emissions. By harnessing advanced AI technology, EnergiVault optimises energy use, seamlessly integrating into existing systems to provide both resilience and eco-efficiency. This innovative thermal energy battery is a testament to our commitment to a smarter, more sustainable future, ensuring your operations not only meet today's environmental standards but also pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

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Cut your cooling costs NOW!

Introducing EnergiVault, our latest AI-enabled innovation, engineered to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. This solution heralds a new era of sustainability, significantly lowering carbon emissions and integrating effortlessly with your existing systems for resilient and environmentally friendly operations. EnergiVault represents the pinnacle of intelligent, sustainable industrial cooling solutions, offering a forward-thinking, eco-conscious approach to managing your cooling needs.


EnergiVault: The Future of Smart, Sustainable Cooling

Revolutionising Energy Efficiency with Seamless, Eco-Friendly Innovation

Advanced Efficiency: Peak Performance, Minimal Costs

EnergiVault sets the bar high in efficiency, significantly lowering operational costs compared to traditional systems. Its cutting-edge AI integration optimises energy usage and cost, making it the smart choice for energy management.

Sustainable Solution: Eco-Friendly Energy Excellence

EnergiVault excels in sustainability, reducing carbon footprint by efficiently using renewable energy sources. Its eco-friendly approach positions it as a leading solution for businesses aiming to meet their green energy goals.

EnergiVault: Take Control of your Cooling Costs

Load-shift to off-peak and low-carbon electricity

EnergiVault is unique in being a slow-charge, rapid-discharge system, so can utilise cheap overnight electricity to displace expensive peak electricity, or even on-site generated electricity

Financial Payback

EnergiVault provides market-leading Return on Investment through integration of system efficiency, load-shifting and use of on-site renewables. Payback periods less than 5 years easily achievable.

Operational Resilience

EnergiVault ensures operational resilience by providing uninterrupted cooling supply and peak demand support, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of industrial cooling systems, and preventing highly expensive operational shutdowns

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